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Can I program my own VW key?

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Asked By: Pal Oltrop | Last Updated: 30th June, 2020
Most Volkswagen models, made after 1999 require some type of programming to start the car. That includes transponder keys and remotes. Non Transponder keys, i.e. regular metal keys, don’t require any programming and therefore only need to be cut to start the car.

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Moreover, how much does it cost to program a Volkswagen key?

We tell the customer they will need to show proof they own the vehicle. Then they will need to have the car towed to the dealer. Once the key comes in, we will have to program the new key to the car. The cost of a new Volkswagen key, remote, and programming is about $300.

Secondly, how do you program a VW transponder key? Programming the key of a Volkswagen can be done in just seconds from your driver’s seat.

  1. Enter your car with your key and close all of the car doors behind you.
  2. Insert your key into the ignition and turn the ignition on.
  3. Press the “Unlock” button on the remote portion of the key and wait six seconds.

Beside this, can I program a car key myself?

You can often program your car key fob yourself, but you will need the information on how to do so, as well as a new fob (both of which should be available online). Locksmiths and the dealership can take care of the purchasing and programming if time is a factor.

How much does it cost to reprogram a key for a car?

The cost of car key programming can vary depending on the year make and model of your vehicle and whether you take it to the dealership or your local automotive locksmith. Car key programming ranges at the low end of $50 to as high as $500.

Can you copy a Volkswagen key?

Any auto parts store is equipped with a basic key grinder that can copy most Volkswagen keys. Because of this, going directly to the dealership is recommended for smart keys, but auto parts stores are the cheapest way to go for all standard key duplication.

How do I get a new VW key fob?

Visit Our Dealership

The dealer will order a new key using your vehicle identification number (VIN), which takes about two to three days to arrive from Volkswagen. After that, the dealer will cut the key and manually program your car’s computer to accept the replacement.

How much does locksmith charge to program fob?

Depending on its complexity, a new key fob can cost anywhere from $50 to $400. If you buy a replacement from a locksmith or a dealer’s service department and have them program it for you, you’ll pay full price for the unit as well as labor costs.

Can a locksmith make a Volkswagen key?

If you have a spare, all the better, but making a new Volkswagen key is possible for a professional car locksmith. This process is much faster and straightforward for modern Volkswagen car key replacement, as a new key can be cut from code based on the VIN.

Where can I get another key for my car?

Copy of a Standard Key

Our favorite spot for car key copies is, of course, your local locksmith. But standard car keys can now be cut anywhere from a Walmart to a hardware store. There is also the car dealer but that is likely the most expensive option.

How long does it take to program a VW key?

Coding a replacement key should take just over ten minutes.

How do you start a VW without a key fob?

To start the car, you must place the full key fob in the ignition slot. If your fob’s battery is low on power and the push-button start is not working, hold the fob against the steering column like in the photo below and then press the start button by your shift knob.

What do I do if I lose my Volkswagen key?

If you‘ve lost your key and have no key right now, your options are either tow the car to a VW dealer or to contact a local auto locksmith in your area. A locksmith can obtain a replacement key in one of two ways. One is to get a key code for your VW (2000 models or later).

How do you program a spare key?

How to Program Car Keys
  1. Enter your vehicle with the key you want to program and insert the key into the ignition.
  2. Turn the key to the “On” position and leave it there for 10 minutes and 30 seconds.

How do you reset your car remote?

Press and hold the “Lock” button on your car remote for one second within five seconds of putting the key into the ignition and turning it to theOn” position. Turn the key to the “Off” position; the lights should turn off.

How do you program a new key fob?

Key Fob Reprogramming in General
  1. Replace the batteries inside the key fobs.
  2. Get Inside the Car.
  3. Turn on the Ignition.
  4. Press the Lock Button on Remote.
  5. Listen for a Lock Sound.
  6. Programming Additional Remotes.
  7. Turn Off the Ignition.
  8. Step out from your car and test the result.

Can you program a key with only one key?

Thus, you start by removing the keys from memory. Then you can program the one that you have and add the new one. Given that you have one key, this is likely to be your situation. The first step is to access the program and choose the ‘ignition key erase’ option.

How much does it cost to get a key coded?

At a locksmith shop, the cost of duplicating a basic key ranges from $1.50 to $4, but as stated before they will have a wider array of key blanks for car owners to choose from. At a locksmith shop, the cost of duplicating car keys with additional features (transponder chip etc.) starts at $120.

Can a car key lose its programming?

So, if you have car work done that requires disconnecting the car’s battery, you may have to re-program the system to recognize your remotes. While automotive remote transmitters generally do not “lose” their programming, it is very common for a key fob to stop working because of physical damage.

Can you reprogram a VW key fob?

Press the “Unlock” button on the key fob. Wait one second, and then press the “Unlock” button again. Turn the ignition off and remove the key. The key fob will now be programmed to the vehicle.

Can you reprogram a used VW key fob?

Hi there. You could reprogram a key fob to a different vehicle as long as the key is the same for the vehicle. Remove the battery cables from the vehicle, wait 30 seconds, then hook them back up (reset computer). Put the key in the ignition and turn the key to the ‘ON’ position.

How do I reset my VW immobilizer?

How to Restart a Volkswagon Immobilizer
  1. Remove the incorrect Volkswagen key from the car engine.
  2. Click the “Unlock” button on your VW smart key fob.
  3. Insert your original, synced smart key into the car ignition and start the engine.
  4. Turn off the engine and remove the key from the ignition.