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Can I refill Primo Water bottles?

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Asked By: Ngan Prot | Last Updated: 22nd April, 2020
The Primo water dispenser uses empty 3 or 5-gallon water bottles that you can refill at a Primo Refill Station. Primo refill stations can be found at most big-box retailers such as Walmart, Lowes, and grocery stores like Sprouts and Winn-Dixie.

Accordingly, can you reuse Primo Water bottles?

The Primo 5 Gallon Reusable Water Jug offers a convenient way to enjoy great-tasting water from Primo or Glacier Water (sold separately). The BPA-free container is durable and reusable, allowing for many washes and refills and it fits most water coolers and water dispensers.

One may also ask, can you refill water cooler bottles? Refilling and Fitting Bottles with Tap Water Make sure this is fitted properly or the exercise could end in disaster. Whatever method you use, make sure the material you use to re-seal the bottle will not leave any mess, residue, glue or funny taste in your water.

Thereof, how much does it cost to refill a primo water bottle?

5-Gallon Average $6.99. *Price after return bottle rebate. First bottle purchase may cost up to $14.99.

How do you refill 5 gallon water bottles?

Lift up the empty water bottle out of the dispenser and set it aside. Use a damp cloth to wipe down the rim of the dispenser and keep dust particles out and pat dry. Cover the top with the bottle cap to prevent debris from entering. Take the water bottle to a local store that does jug refills.

What can I do with empty 5 gallon water jugs?

How to Recycle Five-Gallon Water Bottles
  1. Contact your water delivery service if you have unwanted, excess or damaged five-gallon water bottles.
  2. Call your curbside recycling or waste disposal service to inquire if it accepts Number 7 plastics or large five-gallon water bottles.
  3. Locate plastic recycling facilities in your community by searching online.

How much does a 5 gallon bottle of water cost?

On average, each 5gallon bottle runs around $7 to $8 each for home deliveries.

Can you return 5 gallon water bottles?

Our 5Gallon Bottle Exchange Program: How it Works. So that consumers can exchange their empty 5gallon water bottles for filled ones, Nestlé Waters North America follows a “Retail Bottle Exchange Program” instituted by many supermarket chains and other retailers where our 5gallon bottled water products are sold.

Are 5 gallon water jugs safe?

5Gallon Bottles

The answer is a resounding yes! All of our plastic 5gallon (and 3-gallon) jugs are made from 100% PET (BPA-free). They’re thick and sturdy. When we receive empty bottles back from customers, each and every bottle gets visually inspected and then sniffed for odd odors.

How do you get a cap out of a 5 gallon water bottle?

Note that Ciel bottle caps have a left-hand thread, so turn right (clockwise) to loosen. Cut a hole in the cap about half the diameter. You can use a drill or a knife. Replace the foam, and screw on the modified lid.

Can you refill 5 gallon water jugs at Walmart?

Fill any size container for one low price per gallon at your local Walmart’s refilling station, saving you time and money. Ideal for filling 1-gallon jugs, 2-gallon fridge packs or 3- and 5gallon bottles for use with a Primo Water Dispenser.

Where do you return Primo Water bottles?

Return your empty Primo Water bottle(s) to your nearest Primo Water Recycle Center. Retain your recycle ticket for each bottle(s) returned. Fill out the Empty Bottle Return Form online, then print. Mail form and tickets to Primo Water for bottle credit and processing.

How much does 5 gallons of water weigh?

How Much Does 5 Gallons of Water Weigh? A United States customary gallon of water weighs, on average, 8.34 pounds. Five U.S. gallons, therefore, weighs 41.7 lbs.

Who owns Primo Water?

Latest News. Canada’s Cott Corp <BCB.TO> <COT. N> said on Monday it would buy U.S.-based bottled water provider Primo Water Corp <PRMW. O> for $549.4 million in cash and stock, as it seeks to strengthen its position in the North American market.

How does Primo Water work at Walmart?

5-gallon bottles are available that can be used with a Primo water dispenser, water pump, or countertop water dispenser. After drinking your water, drop your empty bottle in the Primo Recycle Bin at your local Walmart and grab a ticket to save on your next bottle of Primo Exchange Water.

How long can water be stored in plastic jugs?

6 months

How much are water refills at Walmart?

Buy a few 65¢ gallon jugs of water. Save the jugs and the caps when you use them, and take them back to the store and you can refill them for 30¢.

Where can I fill water jugs?

Where to Find Drinking Water Refill Stations
  • Cost: Varies, but generally around $0.35 per gallon.
  • Type: Filtered.
  • Retail stores where Primo has refill stations (Nationwide): Sam’s Club, Kroger, Office Depot/OfficeMax, Walmart, Lowe’s, Kmart, Ace Hardware, Dierbergs, Sears, Whole Foods, Hannaford, and others.

Where is primo water from?

The water itself comes from municipal sources, but goes through a multi-step purification process that includes reverse osmosis to remove odors, chlorine and unwanted minerals, including lead. The business model that fuels Primo Water was actually adopted from the propane industry.

Is Primo Water Safe for Babies?

Primo® Water provides better, safer water that’s a great choice for making baby formula. And it doesn’t contain fluoride, removing concerns about dental fluorosis related to water that contains high levels of fluoride. It’s a healthy option that you can trust in making baby formula.

How does Walmart exchange water jugs?

How the exchange process works
  1. Buy a bottle of Primo® Pre-Filled Exchange Water at a store near you.
  2. Drink it down! Our bottles work with most water dispensers.
  3. Recycle your empty bottle at the store and grab a ticket to save on your next bottle of Primo® Water.

Is Primo Water distilled?

Primo Water’s 9-step purification process:

The Pre-Filtration stage removes large particles from the water that came from a public or spring water source. Polishing filters remove smaller particles. Next, a reverse osmosis/distillation system purifies the water.

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