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Can you take a cruise to Hawaii from California?

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Asked By: Xian Juntgen | Last Updated: 28th March, 2020
Carnival Cruise Lines

Carnival launches a 14-day cruise from California to Hawaii aboard the Carnival Splendor in 2018. The round-trip cruise departs from Long Beach and stops at Maui, Honolulu and twice on the Big Island in Kona and in Hilo. The last stop before returning to California is at Ensenada.

Consequently, can you take a cruise from LA to Hawaii?

With convenient roundtrip cruise departures from Los Angeles, San Francisco or Vancouver, it’s easy to cruise to Hawaii in style and avoid the hassle of a long, boring plane flight to paradise. And if you‘re on the West Coast, it’s even easier to sail — local residents can drive in and sail on the same day!

Similarly, can you take a boat to Hawaii from California? If you are ready to head for Hawaii on a Carnival Cruise, you can take off from either Vancouver, in British Columbia or Long Beach, in California. The Vancouver cruise is a one-way experience. It offers 11 tranquil days on the blue Pacific.

Considering this, how much does it cost to cruise from California to Hawaii?

Hawaiian 14-16 day cruises from Los Angeles, San Francisco or Vancouver cost about $1,200-$2,600 per person, double occupancy for an interior room, depending on cruise line, embarkation point and sailing date.

What is the best month to cruise to Hawaii?

Shoulder season or off-season for Hawaii cruises takes place between May and June, and again in September through mid-December. If you want to enjoy an affordable Hawaiian vacation with glorious weather, the shoulder season is the best time of year to sail to Hawaii.

How much is a ticket to Hawaii?

Round-trip flights to Hawaii from the continental U.S. range from as low as $400 to more than $2,000, with prices varying due to time of year, airport, airline and booking service. In economy class, round-trip tickets between most U.S. cities and Honolulu cost between $500 and $800.

Can I fly to Hawaii and then cruise the islands?

With the exception of Norwegian’s Pride of America (the only cruise ship to sail entirely within the Hawaiian Islands), all other cruise lines run round trip itineraries from the U.S. or Canada, or one-way sailings to or from a mainland port and Hawaii.

Do any cruises go to Hawaii?

Most ships have to sail from a port in the U.S. main land, so several cruises leave from San Francisco, Los Angeles or even Vancouver. Norwegian Cruise Lines offers the only ship, the Pride of America that can sail around Hawaii without returning stateside, she offers regular sailings from Honolulu.

How many days does it take to cruise from California to Hawaii?

Round-trip cruises from California ports to Hawaii start at 14 days in duration, which allows for nine or 10 full days at sea as bookends to four or more days of island hopping.

What cruises leave from California?

Cruise Ship
  • Celebrity Cruises (1) Celebrity Millennium.
  • Crystal Cruises (1) Crystal Serenity.
  • Holland America Line (1) Westerdam.
  • Norwegian Cruise Line (3) Norwegian Bliss.
  • Oceania Cruises (2) Insignia.
  • Princess Cruises (11) Coral Princess.
  • Regent Seven Seas Cruises (1) Seven Seas Mariner.
  • Seabourn Cruise Line (2) Odyssey.

How long is the boat ride from California to Hawaii?

A 14 or 15 day cruise, return from California, will give you 4 (or 5 max) days on Hawaii and 8 sea days (4 each way).

Where do Hawaii cruises depart from?

Hawaii. Leave from Honolulu on the Hawaiian Island of Oahu and cruise the other Hawaiian Islands. Norwegian Cruise Line offers a seven day, round trip adventure that leaves from Honolulu and docks in Kahului, Maui; Nawiliwili, Kauai; and both Hilo and Kona on the Big Island.

How long is the flight to Hawaii?

How Long Is the Flight to Hawaii From California? For travelers who fly from Sacramento, San Francisco or San Jose, a direct flight to Honolulu takes about five hours and 40 minutes. The average flight to Honolulu from Los Angeles is typically only about 10 minutes longer, clocking in around five hours and 50 minutes.

What is the best cruise line to take to Hawaii?

  • #1. Celebrity Eclipse. Celebrity Cruises.
  • #2. Eurodam. Holland America Line.
  • #3. Emerald Princess. Princess Cruises.
  • #3. Star Princess. Princess Cruises.
  • #5. Grand Princess. Princess Cruises.
  • #6. Norwegian Jewel. Norwegian Cruise Line.
  • #7. Carnival Miracle. Carnival Cruise Line.
  • #7. Pride of America. Norwegian Cruise Line.

How much is a cruise to Hawaii from San Francisco?

Search result: 15 night Hawaii Cruise aboard the Ruby Princess. Departing from San Francisco, United States on Nov 8, 2020. Starting from $$1,399.

How much is an Alaskan cruise?

A 7-night Alaska Cruise can cost anywhere from $500 per person to $5000+ per person, depending on the type of cruise ship and your choice of stateroom. Alaska land tours with 3-star hotels, train travel, and popular day tours generally cost around $300 per person per day, based on double occupancy.

Does Amazon Prime include shipping to Hawaii?

Instead, we get free “regular” shipping in Hawaii which can take anywhere from a few days to weeks. We’ll cover more on that further down in this article. In addition to free shipping on many purchases, Amazon Prime memberships include access to Amazon Prime Video. Finding certain items in Hawaii isn’t always easy.

How much is a 7 day Hawaiian cruise?

Sail to 4 Hawaiian Islands in 7 Days!
Interior Stateroom From Oceanview Stateroom From Balcony Stateroom From
$2,114 per person $2,960 per person $3,100 per person

Can you drive from Los Angeles to Hawaii?

Distance from Hawaii to LosAngeles

The shortest route between Hawaii and LosAngeles is according to the route planner. The driving time is approx. . Half of the trip is reached in .

Does Royal Caribbean go to Hawaii?

Royal Caribbean’s Hawaiian cruises leave from Vancouver, British Columbia. From there, full trips to Hawaii will take a minimum of 10 days, during which you’ll visit the state’s major islands: Maui, Kauai, Oahu, and the Big Island.

Does Disney have a cruise to Hawaii?


After a five-year hiatus, the Disney Wonder will return to Hawaii in early 2020 for two special cruises: a nine-night voyage to Honolulu from Vancouver, Canada, on April 29, and a 10-night sailing back to Vancouver on May 8.

Can you drive to Hawaii from California?

The correct answer is no, it is not possible to drive to Hawaii. However, you can have your car transported there by freight (ship) and drive around the island you have it shipped to. Visiting more than one island with your car would incur additional charges.

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