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How do I unlock my Samsung refrigerator ice maker?

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Asked By: Nasly Wuertz | Last Updated: 10th February, 2020
You can unlock it by touching and holding the Door Alarm button until you hear a chime; it usually takes about 3 seconds. Dispenser Lock: This feature appears on select models. It disables the water and ice dispenser, but other parts of the control panel will still function.

Similarly, how do I turn off control lock on Samsung refrigerator?

To turn on Control Lock, press and hold the Energy Saver button for 3 seconds. The Control Lock icon will be displayed indicating that the lock has been activated. The display and the dispenser buttons will be locked. To turn off the Control Lock, press and hold the Energy Saver button for 3 seconds.

Likewise, how do I reset my Samsung refrigerator ice maker? Reset the Ice Maker

  1. Press and hold the ice maker reset button for about 2 seconds until you hear a chime (ding-dong) sound. Release the button once you hear the chime sound. ? Note: Do not press the reset button continuously.
  2. Put the ice bucket back and wait for 3~4 hours.
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One may also ask, how do I unlock my Samsung water dispenser?

If the dispenser does have a Lock button:

  1. Press and hold for 3 seconds to turn on the dispenser lock. The lock icon illuminates when the dispenser is locked. Locking the dispenser disables the water and ice dispensing features.
  2. To unlock, press and hold for 3 seconds.

How do I turn off control lock?

To turn off Control Lock, press and hold the Options key that says “Control Lock Hold 3 Sec” under it for 3 seconds. If the dishwasher has a dedicated Control Lock button in the Options selections, press and hold CONTROL LOCK for 3 seconds.

Is there a reset button on a Samsung refrigerator?

Not all Samsung refrigerators have a reset button, but those with an ice maker or water filter typically do. The reset button for the ice maker is usually found behind the ice bucket, while the reset button for the water filter indicator is usually found on the appliance’s control panel.

How do I turn off child lock?

Press the UP ARROW or DOWN ARROW repeatedly until CHILD LOCK appears in the front panel display. Press either the +(Enter) or the RIGHT ARROW button. Press the UP ARROW or DOWN ARROW to select a setting. OFF: the CHILD LOCK function is off.

How do I reset my Samsung side by side ice maker?

The reset button is on the right side of the ice maker – it is a clear, rectangular, rubber button.

Press and hold the reset button.
  1. For 2010 models or newer: You will hear a chime when the reset begins.
  2. For 2009 or older: Press and hold the reset button for a full 10 seconds.
  3. Reinsert the ice bucket completely.

How do you take the screen off of a Samsung French door refrigerator?

How to Remove the Display Panel on a Samsung French Door Refrigerator
  1. Unplug the Samsung refrigerator power cord from the wall outlet.
  2. Insert a small flat-head screwdriver into the slots on the bottom of the display panel.
  3. Place the heel of one hand under the display panel and push up to release the panel from the door.

Why is the water not working on my Samsung refrigerator?

If the freezer is too cold, the water line may freeze. The water inlet valve opens to supply water to the dispenser. If the water inlet valve is defective, or if the water pressure is too low, the water valve will not open. Make sure that the water pressure to the valve is at least 20 psi.

How do I unlock my refrigerator water dispenser?

To unlock the your ice/water dispenser: To unlock: Press the lock pad 3 times within 10 seconds to unlock the dispenser. The indicator above the lock pad will go off. To lock it: Press the lock pad 3 times within 10 seconds.

How do I reset my refrigerator?

How to Reset a Refrigerator
  1. Look inside your refrigerator and locate the temperature control switch.
  2. Turn the temperature control wheel down to zero or switch to “Off” if you have a digital display.
  3. Move your refrigerator away from the wall.
  4. Unplug the refrigerator cord from the wall outlet.

How do you troubleshoot a Samsung refrigerator?

How do I Troubleshoot Samsung Refrigerator Display Panel That Doesn’t Work?
  1. Exit the display panel’s demo mode if “OF” is displayed on the panel.
  2. Unplug the refrigerator for 10 seconds.
  3. Press the “Ice Hold” button down for three seconds to turn off the child-lock.

How do I reset my Samsung double door refrigerator?

A power outage will make your Samsung fridge show the errors 1E and or SE. If this is the case, simply press the power save and lighting buttons for 10 seconds and the error will clear. OR… press the fridge and freezer buttons at the same time for 10 seconds to reset the control panel and clear the error code.

How do you unlock the child lock on a Samsung refrigerator?

The Child Lock function locks the display, the Flex Zone panel, and the dispenser buttons so that the buttons cannot be used. You will see a small lock icon on the display above the Ice Off button when Child Lock is on. To lock or unlock the Child Lock function, press the Ice Off button for three seconds.

How do you unlock subzero?

Unlock SubZero: Hold L2 and push square down,up, L1, L1, up, square, then release L2, you should hear a beep and you should have him unlocked.

How do I fix my Samsung 22e error code?

E22 OR 22E This is a Refrigerator evaporator Fan motor error. The fan usually stops working due to ice obstruction when the defrost terminator or sometimes called termination switch has gone out and u get ice build up? You can check the terminator with a multi meter for continuity but do not check at room temperature.

How do I lock the water on my Samsung refrigerator?

Hold down the “Energy Saver” button for three seconds to release the child lock feature. Samsung refrigerators let you lock the water dispenser so kids can’t access water without your attention. Hold down the “Energy Saver” button for a further three seconds to re-activate the lock.

How do you turn on the ice maker on a Samsung French door refrigerator?

Ice Off button: Hold for 3 seconds (or until you hear a chime) to turn Child Lock off. If the Ice Off indicator is lit, the Ice maker is off. Press it once to turn the ice maker on. Lighting button: Press and hold for 3 seconds and wait for a chime to indicate the Child Lock is released.

What causes a Samsung refrigerator to stop cooling?

The evaporator fan motor draws cold air over the evaporator coils and circulates it throughout the entire unit. The refrigerator won’t cool adequately if the evaporator fan is not working. Try turning the fan blade by hand to see if it will turn freely. If it does not turn freely, replace the fan motor.

How do you get a refrigerator out of demo mode?

To Deactivate: Press and hold fridge + start heating + ice buttons simultaneously for 7 second. To Deactivate: Press and hold freezer + fridge + autofill buttons simultaneously for 7 seconds. *Note: In order to take the refrigerator out of demo mode, demo mode must be activated.

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