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How do you get Jupiter rocket in Dogeminer 2?

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Asked By: Estanislau Camuñas | Last Updated: 1st May, 2020
The Fourth Level known as Jupiter, is the fourth planet you find. This used to be the final planet when this game first came out. It costs 8 mil (8,000,000) for the player to unlock Jupiter and 50 mil (50,000,000) to get there in the Jupiter rocket. So, overall it costs 58 mil (58,000,000) to buy Jupiter.

Keeping this in consideration, what does the mystery bonus do in Dogeminer 2?

Mystery Bonus: This is a game secret and is a mystery. Extra stats: Stats like Karma and Freedom are extra joke stats added in by the developer. All other stats increase or decrease your Luck, Loot and Wow in minor ways.

Also, what are the planets in Dogeminer 2? Planets

  • Earth. Main article: Earth.
  • The Moon. Main article: Moon.
  • Mars. Main article: Mars.
  • Jupiter. Main article: Jupiter.
  • Titan. Main article: Titan.

Just so, how do you get the Doge gate in Dogeminer 2?

A Doge Gate, along with the Infinite Dogebility Drive, is an item you unlock late in the game. It looks like a circle ring. The first one gives you 78.6 DPS. You will unlock the Doge Gate once you reach Jupiter.

What does the map do in Dogeminer 2?

Treasure Maps The images of the maps secretly reveal what the next planet is. And at Titan there is a chance of dropping a Blueprint. If you upgrade Dancing Elon twice, he can find out the blueprints and unlock Really Hardium Upgrades.

What is mining Dogecoin?

Dogecoin is mined with two basics: Solo or self-mining and community or Dogecoin mining pool. Solo mining is the same as all the mining activity. You use a decent enough computing tech and power, and you keep the complete mining (profit or loss) in your wallet.

How do you get diamonds in Dogeminer 2?

Doge Diamonds Are The Rarest Currency In The Game, They act as a buy it now cheaper but harder to get. They can be obtained by: A DIA mission (max 75, 60 from dogecoins, 15 from pickaxes)

  1. Bronze Pickaxe.
  2. Paw.
  3. Normal Pickaxe.
  4. Rocket Powered GPU-Pickaxe!
  5. Official Pickaxe List.
  6. Red Lollipop.
  7. Crude Stick-Axe.

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