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How do you make tab top curtains with buttons?

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Asked By: Metodi Henseli | Last Updated: 15th April, 2020
  1. Measure the width of the window.
  2. Measure and cut the fabric with for the curtain panels.
  3. Cut the fabric into 6-inch by 9-inch rectangles for button tabs.
  4. Fold one tab in half lengthwise, wrong sides of the fabric together.
  5. Position the button in the center of the tab width.
  6. Things You Will Need.
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  8. Warning.

Herein, how do you make curtains with tab tops?


  1. Determine Tab Length. Fold a strip of fabric over the curtain rod and pin the length you want your tabs to be.
  2. Cut ‘Em Out. To determine how many tabs you’ll need, put one at both outside edges of the curtain.
  3. Finish the Panel Edges.
  4. Attach the Tabs.
  5. Attach the Facing.
  6. Press the Facing.

One may also ask, how far apart should tabs be on tab top curtains? eight inches

Hereof, how do you make back tab curtains?


  1. Step 1: Measure & cut the fabric. To determine the length to cut your main fabric, add 10” to your desired finished length.
  2. Step 2: Make the tabs. Cut 4.5” x 6” pieces for the tabs.
  3. Step 3: Pin fabric and lining.
  4. Step 4: Sew the sides & bottom.
  5. Step 5: Sew top & tabs.

How do you measure for tab top curtains?

Measuring for Tab Top Curtains Tab Top curtains should be hung from curtain poles. Simply measure between the finials (the decorative ends) to obtain the width. Drop: Measure from the centre of the top of the pole to where you want the curtains to finish.

How wide should Curtain tabs be?

The cut width of each tab is 5″ with a finished sewn width of 2.” The tab length was determined above using a fabric scrap and adding 1″ for seams. Tab-top curtains have fabric loops sewn in the upper edge to showcase a decorator curtain rod or pole.

How do you make ring top curtains?

Draw around the inside of each ring with a fabric pen, then cut out these circles to create the eyelet holes. 3) Press the eyelets into place at the front of the curtain. Fold the bottom 2cm of the panel under and lightly iron. Fold under a further 10cm, pin and machine stitch for the bottom hem.

What is a tab top curtain?

Tab Top Curtains

Curtains or panels with fabric loops (tabs) at the top edge/head. They are threaded through poles or rods. They are great to use as a decorative curtain or panel over a window with blinds to add color or texture as side curtains.

How do you make quilted curtains?

Make the Curtain
  1. Lay the lining fabric right side down. Lay the batting on top.
  2. Quilt the fabric sandwich in a grid or free-style pattern using your sewing machine.
  3. Lay the quilted fabric flat. Turn the raw edge of the lining fabric in toward the batting 1 inch all the way around.

What are hidden tab top curtains?

Back tab curtains, also called hidden tab curtains, have tabs or loops sewn onto the back of the curtain header. The rod slips through the tab so that neither is visible from the front.

How do I hide tabs on Google Chrome?

Press the “Panic Button” icon at the right of your address bar to hide all of your tabs and open a new tab with your Chrome New Tab page on it. You can adjust this setting to open a blank page or open a different Web page by opening the Extensions management window and clicking on the Options link next to Panic Button.

How much narrower should curtain lining be?

Regular lining should be 7.5cm (3″) shorter than the curtain fabric. Thermal lining is too bulky to create a double hem, so needs to be 17.5cm (6?”) shorter than the curtain fabric.

Can you hang back tab curtains with hooks?

Many drapes come with back tabs where you can clip the rings, or you can pinch the fabric to create pleats. When using drapery hooks, you have to make sure the hook does not go through to the front of the drape. You only want it to grab the back tab or lining.

How far apart do you put rings on curtains?

I like to space ring clips approximately four inches apart so that there is a handsome fold between each clip in the drapery panel. Start by clipping each end of the panel. Next, clip the middle. Finally, space the clips evenly apart as close to 4 inches as possible.

What is a grommet top curtain?

Grommet-topped curtain panels have round, metal-rimmed openings all along their headers, which are the curtain tops. The extra inches provide stacking space on each side of the window, which lets you open the curtains without blocking too much glass.

How far should curtains hang below window?

In traditional style, the curtain rod is about 6 inches above the top of the window, and it extends beyond the window 3 inches on each side. The curtain will hang 3 inches below the bottom of the window sill.

How do you hang curtains over a rod?

Drape them over their respective ends of the curtain rod, with the widthwise folds placed at the top of the rod. For a single swag, fold the curtain in half widthwise. Pass the folded end of the curtain behind the rod, and then pull it over the top of the rod. Pull the folded end down to your desired swag length.

What size curtains do I need for a 72 inch window?

Example: If your window measures 36″ wide (window width x 2 = 72“), you need curtains that will give a minimum width of 72” or 2 panels for that window. In this case 2 panels will give about 100″ to 120″ of width which will look nice and full. Always round up to the next full number.

How do you hang tab top curtains?

Before hanging tab top curtains, lay one of the tabtop curtains flat on the floor. Hardwood floors are best for measuring, as they will ensure the curtains are flat. Measure from the top of the tabs to the bottom of the curtain with a tape measure in order to place the curtain rod at the correct height. Write it down!

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