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How do you secure cedar posts to concrete?

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Asked By: Aynur Rommel | Last Updated: 14th January, 2020
You will need to drill holes into the concrete. This generally can be done with a large impact driver and a concrete drill bit. After the holes are drilled it is necessary to use some type of concrete anchor to secure the base. The post can then placed into the base and secured with either bolts or wood screws.

In respect to this, how do you secure a post to concrete?

Drill holes in the concrete of the right diameter for lead shields using a masonry bit in a hammer drill. Insert lead shields into the holes in the concrete. Use lag bolts or screws to attach the metal post bracket to the concrete. Insert the wood post in the post bracket, and screw or nail it in place.

Also Know, how do you protect wood from concrete? Concrete will allow water or water vapour to move through it quite easily, so any wood in contact with concrete must either be pressure treated wood, or you should have a plastic separator between the wood and the concrete.

Also know, how do you keep fence posts from rotting in concrete?

Caulk around the fence post base Apply high-quality exterior acrylic caulk, or silicone specifically designed to adhere to concrete, at the base of the post. If your cedar wooden fence posts are rotting at the bottom, you need to replace them. The rot probably developed because the posts were installed improperly.

How do you attach wood to concrete without drilling?

Here is a very easy method for attaching that wood to concrete without using all those concrete anchors. You will need a hammer drill, 20 ounce hammer and some 16d nails. Insert a 1/4″ masonry drill bit, 4 or 6 inches long, into the hammer drill. Drill through the wood and into the concrete.

How do you put a 6×6 in concrete?

Step-By-Step Instructions:
  1. Dig the post hole, making it three times the width of the post and at a depth equal to 1/3 to 1⁄2 of the above-ground length of the post, plus 6″ (right).
  2. Pour 6″ of gravel or crushed stone into the bottom of the hole.
  3. Set the post in the hole.

How do you anchor a 2×4 in concrete?

Drill a pilot hole at the proper location with a hammer drill and masonry bit to the depth your screw will penetrate. Tap the plastic anchor into the hole. It should fit snugly but drive in easily with a hammer. If the hole gets a bit large, use a bigger screw to push the plastic against the walls of the hole.

How do you attach a round post to concrete?

Re: Best way to secure a round post on concrete base

I’d run 3 or 4 long galvanized lag bolts into the base of the post, protruding 6 inches or so. Place large washers on each. When you’re setting the post, block it up so there’s an inch or so above the concrete.

How do you anchor an 8×8 post to concrete?

Consider making 1/4″ thick plexiglass plates to go between the post and the concrete with 4 chamfered screw holes to screw them into the bottom of the post. You can use timberlinx to anchor them. For timberlinks you have a hole bored up the center of the bottom of the timber and one cross hole.

How do you post stirrups to concrete?


How do you install a 4×4 concrete post?

Project Instructions
  1. Dig post hole so diameter of the hole is 3 times the width of the post (i.e., the hole for a 4” wood post should be about 12 inches wide).
  2. Add about 6 inches of QUIKRETE All-Purpose Gravel into the bottom of the hole.
  3. Set the post into the hole and attach 2×4 braces to adjacent sides of the post.

How do you anchor a gazebo to concrete?

How to Anchor a Gazebo to Concrete
  1. Choose a location for your gazebo.
  2. Drill 1/2-inch holes in each gazebo leg for the thread rods.
  3. Dig a 14-inch hole for each gazebo leg.
  4. Pour about 12 inches of concrete into each hole.
  5. Secure your gazebo in the concrete holes and allow the concrete to dry.
  6. Landscape your yard so you cannot see the concrete.

Will wooden posts rot in concrete?

A: Actually, your point is well taken. Simply setting the posts in concrete does create a condition that will accelerate rot in the bottom of the posts. With pressure-treated posts, the rot will be slow. Concrete should be poured around the post – no concrete under the post.

How long will cedar posts last in the ground?

about 15 to 20 years

How do I keep my porch posts from rotting?

Here are some ways to protect your columns:
  1. Don’t drill air holes in the bottom of the shafts.
  2. Priming & Painting the Shafts.
  3. Placing the column plinth on aluminum plinths or use of synthetic base.
  4. Use of a Recessed soffit for capital.
  5. Use copper flashing on capital.

How long will treated posts last in the ground?

The Forest Products Laboratory and other research groups have shown that treated wood stakes placed in the ground for more than 40 years remain rot-free. But young pressure-treated decks, many less than 10 years old, are being shoveled into landfills.

Should fence posts be set in concrete?

Setting Fence Posts in Concrete

Concrete is the most secure material for setting fence posts, especially if you have sandy soil. Gravel may be okay with dense, clay-heavy soil, but in looser soil, concrete is the only thing that will truly keep your fence posts stuck in place.

What is the best wood preservative for ground contact?


Why do fence posts rot at ground level?

The main cause is the wood having prolonged exposure to moisture in soil which means fence posts decay at ground level – just above the concrete base. This means the post will still be solid below and above the damaged area. Insect infestations can also cause rotting in wooden fence posts.

How do you protect a fence from the soil?

If you want to protect the fence, I see three options:
  1. Cut the bottom end of the pickets so it’s no longer touching the dirt.
  2. Add stone/gravel to provide free-draining surroundings as you suggest.
  3. Remove some dirt near the fence (may be too much work, or against your landscape design goals).

How long will Oak last in the ground?

Durability is a measurement of how long specific species of timber would last if a 50mm x 50mm cross section was left in the ground unprotected. An untreated Oak beam, which is classed as ‘durable’, for example, will last 15-25 years depending on environmental conditions.

Can you put wood directly on concrete?

Wood in direct contact with concrete, and the dampness often found there, will rapidly decay. To avoid this, use pressure-treated lumber. This is wood impregnated with decay-resisting chemicals, usually chromated copper arsenates. Pressure-treated lumber comes in standard lumber sizes and is available at lumberyards.

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