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What does the R on tampon wrappers mean?

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Asked By: Ouafa Skorsoba | Last Updated: 19th May, 2020
To those of you who don’t know, usually, Tampons are labeled with the letters ‘R‘, ‘L’ and ‘S’ letting women know which is the appropriate tampon for their flow. MeaningR‘ for Regular, ‘L’ for Light, and ‘S’ for Super.

Also to know is, what does the blue line on a tampon mean?

Tampons designed to provide the last line of defence. “Each tampon has a blue safety zone at the base made of special Ultrasorb material that quickly draws in potential leaks and locks them away,” says Li-Anne Hide, brand manager for Kotex.

Beside above, how do u wrap a tampon? The most responsible and respectful way to dispose of a tampon is to wrap it or place it in something and throw it in the garbage. For discretion, you can wrap the tampon in toilet paper or a facial tissue and then toss. You can also buy small bags made for wrapping tampons or pads in before disposal.

Likewise, people ask, what’s the difference between regular and super tampons?

Regular tampons hold between 6 and 9 grams of menstrual blood, super tampons hold between 9 and 12, super-plus hold between 12 to 15, and ultra hold 15 to 18 grams (approximately twice the amount of regular tampons). It’s also worth noting that while Toxic Shock Syndrome is rare, it can be life-threatening.

How do you know what size tampon to use?

To choose the right tampon size for you, start with a regular absorbency tampon, which is the smallest common absorbency level. If your tampon is still dry after 4 to 6 hours, you’re using the right absorbency level. If you have to change more frequently, pick a higher absorbency level, such as super or super plus.

How far do you push a tampon in?

Place the applicator tip into your vagina at a 45˚ angle. Now, gently slide the smooth, tapered applicator all the way into your vagina until your fingers touch your body. Push the tampon inside: push the plunger all the way into the barrel with your pointer finger.

Do tampons hurt if I’m a virgin?

Tampons work just as well for girls who are virgins as they do for girls who have had sex. And even though using a tampon can occasionally cause a girl’s hymen to stretch or tear, it does not cause a girl to lose her virginity. (Only having sex can do that.) That way the tampon should slip in easier.

Can you push a tampon too far up?

You can‘t push it in “too far”. The vagina is a dead end, about 2-4 inches deep, and inside, your cervix is closed and blocks the entrance to your uterus. The only thing is it might be difficult to get out again. That is why the string is best to leave hanging out of your body, for ease of retrieval.

How far up should a tampon go without applicator?

Place your middle finger at the center of the base, then push it as far up into your vagina as your hand allows. Stop pushing when you reach the base of your finger. This should put the tampon in the right place. If your ring finger is longer than your middle finger, use that one instead.

Why can’t I insert a tampon?

According to one of the main reasons for this is Vaginismus; a condition that causes the vagainal muscles to tense up. Basically, if you’re worried that putting a tampon in is going to hurt or feel uncomfortable, a signal goes to the muscles at the opening of your vagina and makes those muscles contract.

What are slim tampons?

Regular Tampons. Libra Slim tampons provide great absorbency but in a slimmer format, so they’re ideal for smaller bodies. They’re tapered at both ends to make insertion and removal as comfortable as ever.

Why does my tampon fill up with urine?

Although a tampon won’t block the flow of urine, some pee might get on the tampon string as the pee flows out of your body. Don’t worry if this happens. Unless you have a urinary tract infection (UTI), your urine is sterile (bacteria-free). You can’t give yourself an infection by peeing on the tampon string.

How many inches is a super tampon?

The longest is the Super, about 4 1/2 inches long, and the others are nearly as long. They vary in girth also, from just larger than a cigarette to about the circumference of a Sharpie marker. Out of the Cardboard applicator, the tampons themselves are pretty short, about 1 1/2 inches.

How many ml of blood do you lose on your period?

The usual amount of blood loss per period is 10 to 35 ml. Each soaked normal-sized tampon or pad holds a teaspoon (5ml) of blood . That means it is normal to soak one to seven normal-sized pads or tampons (“sanitary products”) in a whole period.

What is the best tampon for beginners?

If you’ve chosen to take the tampon route, these beginner tampons will make life on your period a lot easier.

6 best, easy-to-use tampons for beginners
  1. Tampax Pearl Lites.
  2. U by Kotex Sleek Regulars.
  3. Playtex Gentle Glide 360°
  4. Tampax Radiant Regular.
  5. U by Kotex Fitness.
  6. Seventh Generation Free & Clear.

Can tampons stretch you out?

Can a tampon “fall out”? Not usually. When a tampon is properly inserted (pushed in far enough), your vagina naturally holds the tampon in place, even if you are running or doing something active. If you are pushing hard while pooping, your tampon might fall out.

How long should an Ultra tampon last?

A: You should only use a tampon for up to eight hours. So, if you’re about to hit the sheets and are planning to sleep with a tampon in, first be sure to put a new one in and then remove it as soon as you’re done with your beauty sleep. If you plan to sleep longer than eight hours, use a pad instead.

Do they make shorter tampons?

No matter how heavy your period flow is, there is an absorbency size that’ll be right for you. Lil-Lets Teens tampons are available with or without an applicator and as they are shorter and narrower, they may be more suitable for younger bodies.

What is the most popular tampon brand?


Can you sleep with a tampon in?

While it’s generally safe to sleep with a tampon in if you‘re sleeping for less than eight hours, it’s important that you change tampons every eight hours to avoid getting toxic shock syndrome. It’s also best to use the lowest absorbency necessary.

What happens if you accidentally flush a tampon?

The point is, yes, the tampons will flush, but no, they will not break down easily, and yes, they will clog your drain. Flushing a tampon down your toilet has the potential to cause serious damage, as demonstrated in these videos. Tampons, luckily for those who use them, are made to not break down when they get wet.

Can you throw tampons in the toilet?

Tampons should not be flushed down a toilet,” a rep for Kimberly-Clark answered. The Tampax site says, “They are biodegradable in landfills, but flushing is not ideal for tampon disposal. Tampons cannot be processed by wastewater-treatment facilities and they can harm septic systems.

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