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What is included in a Regal Cinema birthday party?

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Asked By: Maxie Celada | Last Updated: 23rd May, 2020
Base Package Includes:

Snack Packs – includes kid’s drink with unlimited drink and Icee refills, popcorn and snack size Fruit Snacks. Dedicated party area for up to 1 hour complete with colored table cover & utensils as well as party-themed plates and napkins.

Also, can you have a birthday party at a movie theater?

Party Packages Pricing for theater birthday parties vary. Most theaters offer one or more packages, which generally include movie tickets and the use of a party room for a set time, usually one to three hours. Package price generally includes a birthday assistant, theater-themed decorations and cleanup after the party.

Likewise, does Regal Cinemas offer free movie on your birthday? 1 coupon for free admission on your birthday! present coupon at the box office for redemption. valid only on the date of your birthday. valid driver’s license or birth certificate required.

Hereof, how much is a birthday party at the movie theater?

Despite the fact that theaters can vary so much in rental price, we’ve got a rough estimate of how much it’ll cost you to rent a movie theater for a birthday party: $100 to $400 per hour.

What does regal give you for your birthday?

Reward Details This is a free small popcorn that will be immediately loaded to your Regal Crown Club card. Simply present your card at a participating theatre’s concession stand to redeem this tasty popcorn treat. Only ONE discount can be applied per popcorn purchased.

How do you plan a birthday party at a movie theater?

5 Tips for Hosting Children’s Birthday Parties at a Movie Theater
  1. Reserve the theater in advance. Once you have selected the venue, make your reservation as soon as possible.
  2. Send the invitations. Once you have chosen the venue and showtime, create and send out the invitations.
  3. Finalize the refreshments.
  4. Confirm guest attendance.

Does AMC give free movie birthday?

AMC Stubs Insider members enjoy a large popcorn on us during your birthday month! AMC Stubs Premiere & A-List members receive a free large popcorn and free large fountain drink. Birthday gifts are loaded to your account the first day of your birth month.

Can you rent out movie theater?

when the movie theater room you‘re interested in booking is available and b). how much it costs per hour to host your event in that space. Movie theater rooms on Peerspace rent starting at $150 per hour and can go up to $500+ per hour for large spaces.

How does $5 Tuesdays AMC work?

With the $5 Ticket Tuesday deal, AMC Stubs members can get a $5 ticket to any movie playing at an AMC theater that day by reserving their seat at the box office, online or through the AMC app. They can then pay another $5 for the small popcorn and drink combo.

How can I make movie night more fun?

Make movie night the highlight of everyone’s week with these top tips.

6 Ways to Make Family Movie Night More Fun
  1. Make picking your movie more exciting.
  2. Theme it up.
  3. Make it a meal.
  4. Create the coolest snack bar.
  5. Add in some activities.
  6. Keep everyone comfy.

How much does it cost to have a private screening?

Movie private screenings are great because they tend to be fairly inexpensive—roughly $40 per person.

Does Cinemark do anything for birthdays?

Private Screening Birthday Party:

Cinemark’s Private Screening Birthday Party package provides exclusive use of an auditorium and includes one admission ticket and one Movie Snack Pack (drink, popcorn, snack-size candy) per person with one additional hour of auditorium rental time pre or post movie screening.

What is a private screening of a movie?

Private screening refers to the screening of a commercially made film to a group of people somewhere other than one of their homes. Private screening can be legally complex, as the rules and regulations vary from country to country.

How much does it cost to rent a small theater?

Most listings are somewhere in the middle, between roughly $100 and $300 per hour. For instance, this adorable independent movie theater in the Greenpoint neighborhood of Brooklyn, NY, includes a small cafe and is available for $225 per hour.

How much does it cost to rent theater?

A:Theater rates are based on a 14-hour per day rental fee of $9,500 for weekdays (Monday-Thursday) and $12,000 for weekends (Friday-Sunday). Additional charges are calculated for all labor, production equipment, instruments, Ticket Office set-up, and Emergency Medical Technician services.

How much does it cost to rent out an AMC Theatre?

Each film will cost between $3 and $5.99 to rent, and $9.99 to $19.99 to purchase. The idea behind AMC Theaters on Demand is to bolster the chain’s main business venture: theater attendance.

How many seats are in a movie theater?

theodp writes “The “average” movie theater reportedly has a capacity of 200-300 people. Which, thanks to the wonder of mobile devices, means that it also has hundreds of screens. And — thanks to Facebook, Twitter, and texting — hundreds of potential annoyances.

How do I redeem my regal birthday reward?

These rewards can be redeemed during your next visit to a Regal Theatre by simply providing the cashier with your Card or Card number. Such rewards can also be obtained by redeeming your credits at the box office or concession stand or via the App.

What is regal RCC birthday reward?

Evan, The RCC birthday reward is a Free Popcorn.

How do I get unlimited tickets with Regal?

How To Join
  1. Download the free Regal App.
  2. Click on any Regal Unlimited™ banner and follow the steps.
  3. Pay in full or month to month by debit or credit card.

Does Regal do $5 Tuesdays?

Regal Cinemas: $5 Movies on Tuesdays. Tickets are just $5 on Tuesdays with Regal Cinemas Value Days. 3-D, RPX and IMAX tickets will be $8.50 each. Prices vary by location it seems, but most are starting at around $5ish.

Is the Regal unlimited worth it?

If you go to the movies a lot, Regal’s new subscription plan may be a good value. But with a 12-month commitment and cost of more than $200 a year, make sure that you’ll really use it before you join.

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