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What is MEPS verification test?

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Asked By: Chrystelle Jorcke | Last Updated: 20th February, 2020
The applicant will have 30 days after the PiCAT is completed to take a verification test at the Military Entrance Processing Station (MEPS), or a Military Entrance Test (MET) site. The verification test validates the PiCAT score for use as the official test score of record.

Similarly one may ask, how long is the verification test at MEPS?

This is in the form of a short, proctored test that lasts about a half an hour. Depending on circumstances, recruits may be required to take this verification test at a Military Entrance Processing Station, or within 30 days of taking PiCAT if the recruit is not going to MEPS right away.

Also, how many questions are on the verification test? 30 questions

Considering this, what happens if you fail the verification test at MEPS?

Luckily, I found out before I had to goto MEPS and take the ASVAB (Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery) Test. If you fail the verification test, you will have to take the full ASVAB as soon as the verification test concludes. Don’t get too excited- there is a catch that your recruiter probably WILL NOT tell you.

Is the PiCAT verification test the same questions?

No it is not the same exact questions. It is questions that apply the exact same concept. Your question is “Does the picat weed out those who guessed” and the answer is yes. I took the PiCAT verification test and can attest to the fact that most questions will be the same.

What happens if you don’t pass the Asvab at MEPS?

If you didn’t pass the ASVAB, take some time before you take it again. You have to wait one month after failing to qualify on your FIRST ASVAB and then you can take a re-test. ASVAB | Retest Policy. You have to wait six months after failing to qualify on your SECOND (or subsequent) ASVAB and then you can take a re-test

Is the PiCAT test hard?

The PiCAT is one of the easier versions of the ASVAB. It is beneficial to you as well, as it basically gives you two opportunities at the ASVAB. Understand, however, once you complete the PiCAT you have 30 days to validate your score by taking the verification test either at MEPS or at a local test site.

What is a good Afqt score?

Results from the AFQT are reported as percentile scores. These are a little bit different. The lowest score an individual can receive is 1, and the highest is 99. Since the score range is from 1 to 99, the median score is 50.

Is the Asvab easier than the practice test?

While official ASVAB practice tests are the best to use, if you take all of them and still want more practice, you can look at unofficial practice tests. This means they may be significantly harder/easier than the ASVAB, test different subjects, or ask questions in different ways.

How long does the PiCAT take?

about two hours

What is the MEPS process?

MEPS is the Military Entrance Processing Station. This is where you will go once you have gone through the initial meetings with your recruiter. At MEPS, you will take the ASVAB, choose your MOS and take a physical. If you pass the ASVAB and physical, you will be able to swear into the military on that same day.

Do you have to pass the practice Asvab to take the real one?

If you have any serious intentions of joining the US army, then you must take and pass the ASVAB test. This test is administered to measure your aptitude for a number of skills and subjects. To help examinees know what to expect during the real ASVAB test, practice tests have been designed to emulate the real one.

Does the Asvab cost money?

What Is the Fee for the ASVAB? The military does not charge candidates a test fee. It’s free to take, although you can choose to enroll in courses to help you prepare for it. Costs for preparation classes vary depending on the organization and type of instruction you choose.

What kind of questions are on the PiCAT?

Check the sections to include in your exam:
  • Arithmetic Reasoning (20 questions)
  • Auto and Shop Information (15 questions)
  • Electronics Information (15 questions)
  • General Science (15 questions)
  • Mathematics Knowledge (20 questions)
  • Mechanical Comprehension (15 questions)
  • Paragraph Comprehension (15 questions)

What is the PiCAT test for?

Pre-screening, internet-delivered Computer Adaptive Test (PiCAT) is an unproctored version of the full ASVAB that currently provides recruiters with the ability to effectively determine if an applicant is qualified before sending them to a military entrance processing station or military entrance test site.

How many questions are on the Asvab at MEPS?


How long is an Asvab good for?

ASVAB tests are valid for two years, as long as you are not in the military. In most cases, once you join the military, your ASVAB scores remain valid as long as you are in. In other words, except in a few cases, you can use your enlistment ASVAB scores to qualify for retraining years later.

Do you have to take the Asvab again at MEPS?

The MEPS day schedule include ASVAB testing, medical examination, job search, background screening and the oath of enlistment. If you previously took the ASVAB then you will not have to retake the test. Instead, you will go on to your medical examination.

What does the Asvab score mean?

The Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery, or the ASVAB, tests your knowledge of basic concepts and skills to date, and determines what branch and rank in the military you are eligible for. You are given multiple scores–a standard score for each of the subtests, an AFQT score, and composite scores.

Is the Asvab practice test the same as the actual test?

Each practice ASVAB test section contains enough questions that the test can be retaken and will be different each time, so you can practice the test as many times as you need to. Our ASVAB practice tests follow the same format and structure as the computerized version of the real test, which is known as the CAT-ASVAB.

Can you retake Asvab after enlistment?

After you take your initial ASVAB, you must wait one calendar month to retake the test. You must wait an additional calendar month to retest a second time. After that, you must wait six calendar months to retake the ASVAB. Your scores may be used for enlistment for up to two years from the date of testing.

Does the PiCAT count?

Yes, the PiCAT will count as a military applicant’s official ASVAB score of record if the applicant passes a 25-30 minute proctored verification test to confirm their PiCAT results. Learn more about ASVAB scores.

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