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What is the difference between a 7 and a 7f clipper blade?

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Asked By: Kheir Dauberschmidt | Last Updated: 19th March, 2020
A 7F blade will make a fuller cut. The difference is the 7F blade will give you a short, textured look (think shorter puppy cut), and the 7 blade will give you a close, smooth look (think shaved with hair left on body). Do NOT go backwards using the 7F or it’ll be gappy.

Likewise, what does FC mean on clipper blade?

AG stands for Animal Grooming (as opposed to BG for Body Grooming for barbers/beauticians), FC stands for Finish Cut (as opposed to the Skip Tooth, Texturing, etc. blades), And 7 is Andis’ designation in their numbering scheme for 1/8 inch blade (but not on every 1/8″ blade, don’t ask me why).

Likewise, what length is a 7f blade? Dog Clipper Blade Numbers and Lengths of Cut

Clipper Blade Number Description of Cut
Blade #5 or #5F Cuts and leaves approximately 1/4″ or 6mm length of coat
Blade #5/8 Toe Blade Is specifically for clipping between the toes and feet
Blade #7 or #7F Cuts and leaves approximately 1/8″ or 3.2mm length of coat

Just so, what is the difference between a skip tooth blade and a finish blade?

The Finish Cut blades leave a nicer “finish” look to the coat, so that is why Andis’ Official Blade Guide sometimes recommends that you use both a Skip Tooth and Finish Cut blade of the same size–the Skip Tooth to do the main cutting and the Finish Cut at the end to give the smoother finish look.

What is a #10 blade for grooming?

Blades are numbered to indicate what length of hair they will leave. For example, a #10 blade will leave a hair length of 1/16″. The higher the blade number, the shorter the cut will be. So you should be able to tell that a #15 blade will provide a shorter cut than a #5.

What length is a #10 clipper blade?

A: A size 10 clipper blade is a blade that leaves 1/16 inches or 2 mm of hair.

Can you cut a female dog’s pee hair?

For male dogs, trim an extra inch or three in front of the penis, as the urine can hit long fringes and contribute to skin rashes and infection. Female dogs should have hair clipped around the vulva. Clipping the hair around the anus will aid in keeping this area clean and to make expressing the anal glands easier.

Should you cut dog’s hair wet or dry?

Unlike people, who get haircuts with wet hair, always start with a dry, clean dog, Benesch said, and only use the tips of sharp shears to trim your dog’s feet, face and tail, which will prevent you from cutting your dog if she moves suddenly.

What is a teddy bear dog cut?

Teddy Bear and Puppy cuts are essentially the same thing. This type of cut generally means one length all over the body and legs. A Puppy or Teddy Bear cut really only implies that the pet should look cute and cuddly with hair of a length similar to when they were a puppy.

How do Clipper sizes work?

Haircut Numbers and Clipper Guard Sizes

The larger the number, the longer the haircut. Similarly, a “Number 1 Haircut” is a very short cut that corresponds to a 1/8 inch length; a “Number 3 Haircut” cut to 3/8 inch; and a “Number 4” is the medium length of 1/2 inch.

Are Skip tooth blades dangerous?

Skiptooth blades are very dangerous for the novice to use, for the same reasons I just discussed for the #7FC. Skiptooth blades look exactly like they sound, with every other tooth being short. The purpose of these blades is to cut through coats that may be matted, tangled, or very thick.

How are clipper blades sharpened?

To sharpen hair clippers, remove the blade from the clippers and run it along a 4000 grit coarse honing stone, which you can get at a home improvement or hardware store. Angle the blade and move it forward across the stone about 10 times until it’s shiny and even. Turn the blade over and repeat on the other edge.

How much hair does a 5 blade leave?

Blade #5 leaves about a quarter of an inch of coat after trimming.

What is a skip tooth blade for?

Skiptooth blades look exactly like they sound, with every other tooth being short. The purpose of these blades is to cut through coats that may be matted, tangled, or very thick. Because of the spacing of the teeth, you can easily make mistakes with them and cut your dog.

Why are my clippers leaving lines?

Clipping Problems. Tram Lines are caused by the cutter on your clipper head, not being moved far enough from side to side over the comb half of the blade, to complete the cut. It occurs most frequently on blades where the teeth are further apart (Numbers 7, 5, 4, & 3).

What is a skip tooth chain?

Skip tooth chainsaw chain thoughts

The wood chips are carried out between the cutter teeth and having more room for those chips in a larger log allows the teeth to continue cutting until they exit the log and dump the chips.

What is the shortest clipper blade?

Clipper Numbers
Clipper Guide Number Length in inches length in mm
1 1 / 16 1.6
2 1 / 8 3.2
3 1 / 4 6.3
4 3 / 8 9.5

Can you use clippers on wet dog hair?

Wet shaving saves your blades, easier on the dogs skin and in some cases the coat can be left longer than if clipped before the bath. Clean mats and skin help the clipper go through the coat easier.

How many MM is a 2 blade?

Ceramic blades for Andis clippers will net you up to 70% cooler blade operation, which is great for heavy-duty haircuts.

Andis detachable blades chart.
Blade number Size (inches) Size (mm)
#1A 1/8″ 3.2
#1 1/2 5/32″ 4
#2 1/4″ 6.3
#3 1/2 3/8″ 9.5

What size blade do you use on a poodle?

A 10 blade and either a 5 or 7F blade. A can of Cool Lube to clean and cool the clipper blades periodically as you work (Follow the directions on the can.)

What are a5 blades?

A5 Blades are detachable blades that are available in a variety of cut lengths. (Note: While all A5 clipper blades are detachable, not all detachable blades are necessarily A5 compatible.

How long is a 5f blade?

The full coarse #5F blade provides a 15/64-inch (6mm) cut length; operates 2. 5 times faster than original Wahl Competition Blades.

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