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What is the name of a polygon with 11 sides?

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Asked By: Kristyna Assuduy | Last Updated: 4th January, 2020

Herein, what is the name of a 11 and 12 sided polygon?

Number of sides Name
10 decagon
11 hendecagon
12 dodecagon
13 triskaidecagon or tridecagon

Furthermore, what is the name of a 12 sided polygon? Dodecagon

Then, what is the name of a 100 sided polygon?


What is a 20 Gon?

Convex, cyclic, equilateral, isogonal, isotoxal. In geometry, an icosagon or 20gon is a twenty-sided polygon. The sum of any icosagon’s interior angles is 3240 degrees.

What is a 13 sided figure called?

In geometry, a tridecagon or triskaidecagon or 13-gon is a thirteen-sided polygon.

What is a 14 Gon?

In geometry, a tetradecagon or tetrakaidecagon or 14gon is a fourteen-sided polygon.

What is a 2 sided shape called?

Digon. In geometry, a digon is a polygon with two sides (edges) and two vertices. Its construction is degenerate in a Euclidean plane because either the two sides would coincide or one or both would have to be curved; however, it can be easily visualised in elliptic space.

What are the 16 basic shapes?

Terms in this set (16)
  • equilateral triangle. A triangle with all sides of equal length.
  • isosceles triangle. A triangle with two sides of equal length.
  • scalene triangle. A triangle with no sides of equal length.
  • scalene right triangle.
  • isosceles right triangle.
  • square.
  • rectangle.
  • parallelogram.

What is a 72 sided shape called?

pentagon. 5. 3π/5 = 108° 2π/5 = 72° 6 – sided polygon.

Is Star a polygon?

Yes, a star is a polygon. In geometry, a star is a special type of polygon that we call a star polygon. These types of polygons take on the general

Is circle a polygon?

Polygons. A polygon is a closed plane figure with three or more sides that are all straight. The following figure is not a polygon as it is not a closed figure. A circle is not a polygon as it does not have straight sides.

What is a shape with 1 billion sides called?

A gigagon is a two-dimensional polygon with one billion sides. It has the Schläfli symbol {?10,9?} (using Bowers’ arrays).

What is a 1 trillion sided shape called?

A megagon or 1 000 000-gon is a polygon with 1 million sides (mega-, from the Greek μέγας megas, meaning “great”). Even if drawn at the size of the Earth, a regular megagon would be very difficult to distinguish from a circle.

What do you call a 1000 sided polygon?

In geometry, a chiliagon (/ˈk?li?g?n/) or 1000-gon is a polygon with 1,000 sides. Philosophers commonly refer to chiliagons to illustrate ideas about the nature and workings of thought, meaning, and mental representation.

What do you call a 40 sided polygon?

In geometry, a tetracontagon or tessaracontagon is a forty-sided polygon or 40-gon. The sum of any tetracontagon’s interior angles is 6840 degrees.

What is a shape with 50 sides called?

In geometry, a pentacontagon or pentecontagon or 50-gon is a fifty-sided polygon. The sum of any pentacontagon’s interior angles is 8640 degrees. A regular pentacontagon is represented by Schläfli symbol {50} and can be constructed as a quasiregular truncated icosipentagon, t{25}, which alternates two types of edges.

What is a 28 sided shape called?

28 sided polygon – Icosikaioctagon. However, many people use the form n-gon, as in 46-gon, or 28-gon instead of these names.

What is a 4 sided shape called?

A quadrilateral is a foursided polygon with four angles. There are many kinds of quadrilaterals. The five most common types are the parallelogram, the rectangle, the square, the trapezoid, and the rhombus. Move your mouse cursor over the figures at the right to learn more.

Is a cross a polygon?

A polygon is a closed figure, formed by segments, and its sides do not cross.

What is the name of a 27 sided polygon?

Systematic polygon names
Ones Twenties
6 hexa- 26
7 hepta- 27
8 octa- 28
9 ennea- 29

What do you call a 15 sided polygon?

Properties. Convex, cyclic, equilateral, isogonal, isotoxal. In geometry, a pentadecagon or pentakaidecagon or 15-gon is a fifteen-sided polygon.

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