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What is Todd Gurley’s 40 yard dash time?

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Asked By: Janise Haarman | Last Updated: 6th February, 2020
At the 2017 combine, 53 players ran the 40yard dash faster than Louisiana State’s Leonard Fournette (4.51 seconds).

People also ask, what was Todd Gurley’s 40 yard dash time?

Peterson is 6-1 and 218; Gurley is 6-1 and 222. Peterson’s official 40 time is 4.40; Gurley’s estimated 40 time is 4.40. Peterson has reportedly run a 40yard dash in 4.24 seconds, and Gurley, who ran the 110-meter hurdles at the World Junior Championship in 2011, has been recorded below 4.3 in the 40 too.

Furthermore, what is a good 40 time for a running back? Average time by position

Position Time
Running back 4.49
Free safety 4.53
Strong safety 4.55
Outside linebacker 4.65

Also question is, what is Saquon Barkley 40 yard dash time?

4.40 seconds

How fast is Ezekiel Elliott?

A hidden chip tracker reveals

Player Top speed Rank in Week 2
Broncos RB Phillip Lindsay 20.76 mph 1
Falcons RB Tevin Coleman 20.31 mph 2
Cowboys RB Ezekiel Elliott 20.15 mph 3

How fast is Odell?

Beckham hit a top speed of 21.7 MPH during the peak of his run, where he exploded past Jets DB Brian Poole shortly after making the reception.

How fast is tyreek Hill run the 40 yard dash?

Tyreek Hill reached a max speed of 22.64 MPH and beat Damien Williams to the goal line on Williams’ 91-yard TD run. While Hill may not have the fastest hand-timed 40yard dash in NFL history, that hasn’t stopped fellow teammates and NFL players league-wide from crowning Hill as the NFL’s fastest man.

How fast can Usain Bolt run the 40 yard dash?

Usain Bolt runs 4.22-second 40yard dash at Super Bowl – NFL Videos.

How Fast Is Michael Vick in the 40 yard dash?

At his Pro Day workout, Vick ran the 40yard dash in 4.33 seconds; his time has been clocked as low as 4.25, which is the fastest-ever for an NFL quarterback.

What is a fast 40 yard dash?

University of Washington wide receiver John Ross runs the 40yard dash with a record-breaking time of 4.22 seconds, besting Chris Johnson’s 4.24 time.

What is Zeke’s 40 time?

Ezekiel Elliott clocks 4.47 in 40yard dash – NFL Videos.

What is Ezekiel Elliott 40 yard dash?

Ohio State running back Ezekiel Elliott is considered the best running back prospect in the 2016 NFL Draft and runs an official 4.47 in the 40yard dash.

What was Alvin Kamara 40 time?

Alvin Kamara Runs 4.53 40Yard Dash. Tennessee running back Alvin Kamara runs an unofficial 4.53 40yard dash.

What was Brandin Cooks 40 time?

4.33 seconds

Who is the fastest NFL running back?

Chris Johnson ran the fastest 40 yard dash ever in the combine for a running back. 4.24 seconds.

What is the slowest 40 yard dash time in the NFL?

Anquan Boldin, WR – 4.72 seconds

The slowest receiver at that combine nearly exceeded that amount in his rookie year alone.

How fast did Odell Beckham Jr run the 40 yard dash?

LSU wide receiver Odell Beckham, Jr. ran a 4.43 in the 40yard dash at the NFL Scouting Combine.

How fast is Saquon Barkley in mph?

” Next Gen Stats put Awuzie’s top speed at 22.81 mph in his touchdown-saving tackle of Saquon Barkley in the first quarter of the season opener.

What is Lamar Jackson’s 40 yard dash?

Lamar Jackson might be the hot name in fast quarterbacks right now, but he doesn’t even come close to what Vick has in terms of speed. The former NFL MVP made defenders look silly, leaving them in the dust with his 4.2 40yard dash speed.

How much weight can Saquon Barkley lift?

Saquon Barkley is a freak, on the field and in the weight room. A year ago, he broke the program record power clean by lifting 390 pounds. On Thursday, he broke his own record, putting up 405 pounds. On the field, you can see Barkley’s weight room prowess as he lowers shoulders and extend plays for extra yardage.

How much do they bench at the NFL combine?

At the NFL combine, bench press is used as a test of muscle strength and stamina, in which athletes lift 225 pounds (102 kg) as many times as possible. Since 1999, only 17 men at the combine have managed to achieve more than 40 “reps” (repetitions).

How much does Saquon Barkley make a year?

2019 The World’s Highest-Paid Athletes Earnings

The New York Giants selected Barkley second overall in the 2018 NFL Draft and then signed him to a fully guaranteed four-year, $31.2 million contract.

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